I am scared of falling in love, of craving you every second of every day, of needing you, of being addicted to you. I am scared of missing you more than I can handle, of losing you and myself in you. I am scared of not being enough, and of seeing my insufficiency in your eyes.
Romanshi, 05/05/14 (via larmoyante)
  • Boy: Babe come over
  • Girl: I can't hockey is on
  • Boy: I'm horny
  • Girl: Did I fucking stutter?


Now the NHL has decided to bring hockey’s painful brand of yuletide cheer into your homes, office parties and the lives of your ironic hipster friends. Behold, the NHL ugly holiday sweaters.

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i just want you to like me


me ‘waiting’ in line at mcdonalds 


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I got some McDonalds and it costed $6.66 and my cashier said “oh lawd can you order some extra sauce or somtin gawd has been good to me that number is for da devil or somtin”

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